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Welcome to issue 2, it's been a fast flowing month since the calm after the storm that was the r&d re-launch. Our hearts go out to those living in warehouses at this time of year, layers and long johns and heater intimacy are the names of the game. There's been a little movement on the ground with the upcoming Red Bull Music Academy gathering together locals for their noble cause of spreading musical knowledge and joy to the far corners of the earth. And of course others have been living in dark rooms surviving on a diet of popcorn and celluloid for the annual MIFF festival. RRR radiothon is going on until Sunday 20th August, so if you're not a subscriber or have lapsed, like The Notwist said, pick up the phone! If you're doubting, think about a city without RRR or PBS.

On the visual front this month we're featuring a selection of photos from Angharad Jones. Perth born, Angharad now lives in London and calls Melbourne her second (or third) home. Barbara Campbell's 1001 nights cast has just crossed 400, check out the short stories Declan, Dave and Caroline have written for it in the 1001 Nights cast Feature. There's also featured mixes from Hey Convict, Metro Area and Tim Richmond as well as a a look at Marvin Gaye's seminal “I Want You” album on the Featured Tunes page and another rant from DJ P-Modern. And of course there's a freshly made august r&d podcast to wrap your ears around. Check the links on the right. If you're looking for something from a previous issue, you can find it in the Library archive.

As usual, Melbourne is bursting with interesting art; installations at Bus 117 and Gertrude are worth a look and also we came across an interesting little piece of foot-pressure-sensitive light and sound built into the roof of Lingham place which runs off Flinders lane down near Elizabeth St. And of course the Writers Festival also begins on the 25th August. We do live in an amazing city.

Declan did a school presentation on Arthur Russell last week and has been in contact with New York filmmaker Matt Wolf who is currently in the process of shooting a documentary about the late cellist/disco producer/composer. Arthur is an r&d hero and was an inspiration to people like David Byrne and Philip Glass amongst many others. If you want to know more about this incredible man, check out the link in We Salute You. Matt Wolf's site is also included there, be sure to check the "Files" link on the front page of his site for some great images and stories.

Thanks to all y'all that wrote with feedback from issue one, see you in September!


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This issue's podcast is compiled and mixed by Richard and Declan on a lazy sunday evening... Enjoy

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Arthur Russell
Matt Wolf
Nittaku 3 Star
Stiga Deluxe Nets
Journal Cafe, Flinders Lane
Chimmys vegetarian quiches
Von Hagens dissection doco
MacBook Pro
The New Rebtuz Record
Dave Miller Live Recording
Kano Hollamby, man with 8 arms