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Richard Campbell & Declan Kelly have been working together for the best part of ten years. Separately, they have both worked as DJ'S in their home town of Melbourne, Australia, forging strong individual reputations for themselves as well as for Research & Development, a nom de guerre assumed when they DJ together. Through dj'ing, broadcasting, artist tours, sound design, production, music journalism and the staging of their Moon Patrol parties, they've become a small but important cog in the eclectic and exciting wheel of Melbourne's music community.

R&D was first chosen for its convenience as an acronym for their first names and to follow the space-science-computer-game theme from the Moon Patrol arcade game, but since then it has come to represent their persistent endeavour to juxtapose old against new, style against style in their adventurous DJ sets.

In 2003 R&D collaborated with James Cecil, drummer and producer from Melbourne band Architecture In Helsinki "Theme From Juan" was the result, a kooky piece of 6/8 Latin with an operatic middle section sung by Sian Prior. It hit the streets via Soul Jazz in June 2005 as one of 12 songs on a Yoruba Records compilation entitled "Ibara: River Crossing" compiled by label boss Osunlade.

In 2004, the duo was cast adrift between travel and study, Declan was selected to participate in the 2003 Red Bull Music Academy in Capetown, South Africa while Richard travelled to Hungary on exchange for six months where he completed a semester of his Mathematics degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics on the beautiful Danube River.

2006 saw both return to study, Richard in his honors year of Mathematics and Declan in the Production school at the VCA where he completed a postgraduate diploma in sound design with first class honors. Richard completed honors in 2006, somehow maintaining a hectic DJ schedule throughout the year, beginning No Standing at Revolver on Friday nights and Dj'ing regularly at First Floor, and blah blah blah. Declan worked with sound designer Dave Franzke on numerous occasions throughout 2006. Listen to the delicacy of Dave's work on the “Get A Room” mix he did with Mr. Geoffrey which you can find in the Mixes archive.

2007 sees Richard working on his thesis to become a full blown mathematician, DJ'ing like a crazy man and workin' on beats in his spare time. Declan will be working on some theatre projects with Sam Routledge of Blood Policy and Halcyon Macleod of My Darling Patricia and trying to corral the fruits of a 3 month seachange down the Mornington Peninsula into some kind of cohesive form for an independent EP sometime later in the year.

Between them the pair have DJ'ed with Theo Parrish, Benji B, Prefuse 73, Manitoba, Herbert, Kevin Saunderson, Recloose, Quantic, Stacey Pullen, Brennan Green, Tom Middleton and played at festivals such as The Big Day Out and Meredith. The pair have played in Perth, Adelaide and Sydney and are often in demand for opening and closing night soirees for Melbourne's internationally renowned Comedy and Film Festivals amongst others. They regularly play at all the street festivals (High Street, Brunswick Street, Chapel Street and St. Kilda) to rapturous dancefloor response.

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site history

The original Research & Development URL was a birthday present to Richard some years ago and it's a site that we've nurtured on and off in that time, sometimes updating in a frenzy and at others falling unforgivably off the face of the earth. But the whole process has developed slowly and naturally which has allowed us some time to consider what we want to do.

Initially it was just a page for people to get in contact with us but as we updated the musical content, the enthusiasm of people's responses got the juices flowing about the potential of the site.

We hope you like the new look and content that began in July 06 with issue 1, which you can find in the Library menu above. Whilst this is primarily a music site, we also wanted to be able to exhibit some of our friends work as they inspire us no end. The majority of the people featured here are actively working around our great city of Melbourne, Australia or they've been stolen off to other far flung and seemingly exotic locations to ply their wares.

We have to thank our friends Dave Hagger and Neil Stafford who've helped us get things moving with the magazine format. Dave is a demon on the Indoor pitch, has a BA in Design from Curtin Uni in Western Australia and currently works as a manager at Dickerson Gallery in Richmond. Neil Stafford is a Media student at Latrobe, a busy DJ and pretty handy on the football pitch. Without their hard work and suggestions we wouldn't be here.

We all choose the content and we all write about it. Dave keeps us in line and on top of our deadlines and Richard, poor Richard, writes all the freakin' code.

please let us know your thoughts about the site.

tempo perdido

Tempo Perdido is the name of a trio formed with James Cecil a couple of years back. James is the drummer and producer from Architecture In Helsinki, one of our favourite australian bands and we feel privileged to have worked with him. Theme From Juan came together after a lazy afternoon session at the erskine villa and then a host of working bees at various studios around Melbourne, culminating in recording Sian Prior's soprano vocal on a hot summer's day in Sandringham at the end of 2004. It was signed to Yoruba after Declan met Osunlade during his visit to Cape Town as part of the 2003 Red Bull Music Academy.


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