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featured tunes :: top fives

Declan's Top 5

  • Supremes - Reflections (Motown)
  • Herbert - Scale (!k7)
  • Moondog
  • Islands - Return To The Sea (Spunk)
  • Bernard Hermann - 7th Voyage Of Sinbad Soundtrack

Richard's Top 5

  • El Michels Affair - Shaolin Series Vol 1 (Truth & Soul)
  • Various - Panama (Soundway)
  • Larry Levan - Welcome Home Grand High Priest Remixs (We-Ze Records)
  • Rekid - Retroactiv (Soul Jazz)
  • Nicole Willis - Keep Reachin' Up (Timmion)

Neil's Top 5

  • Whoever programs the menu music on foxtel
  • Nicole Willis
  • Guus and the boys
  • 'Turn It Up!' by Open Souls
  • Gin and cloudy apple juice in a tall glass

Dave's Top 5

  • Dudley Perkins - Dear God (Stones Throw)
  • The Meters - Just Kissed My Baby (Reprise)
  • Madlib - Chopstyle (Suey Blast) (Stones Throw)
  • Tom Waits - Sins Of My Father (Anti)
  • Air Ensemble - Lust In Space
featured tunes :: july 06 album

nicole willis & the soul investigators :: keep reachin' up

Although the folks at Finnish label Timmion seemed to unleash this album on the rest of the world at the end of 2005, it only made it's way down to our little island a couple of months ago. Produced by Didier Selin with the Soul Investigators on the groove, expectations were high especially after the standard set by 'You Got To Change', a 7" collaboration from 2003. Thankfully, this album does nothing but deliver. Willis, who by the sounds of things has a newborn babe, is in fine voice through the album. On Keep Reachin Up her distorted shrieks marry so bad with the heavy soul investigator break and horns that this Dj had to take leave of the booth and get on to the floor.

But it ain't all shrieks and howls from the wife of Jimi Tenor, she's hits a sultry, controlled feel on 'Blues Downtown' and unless there are some bv credits gone astray, it looks like the lady Willis has done all her own harmonies, another of this album's insidious joys. The feathery groove of 'If This Ain't Love', a tribute to motherhood is a joy to hear as are other ditties like 'A perfect Kind Of Love', 'Invisible Man' and the moody and cinematic second last cut, 'Nobody's Gonna Love You' resplendent with it's intoxicating hi hat groove, walking riff and imposing string and organ arrangements. All these songs sound as if they've been locked in a Motown vault for the last thirty years, finally allowed out to induce happiness and dance floor frenzy. But the question remains, is Finnish funk called Fink? who knows or cares, damn this is good.

featured tunes :: way back album

cedric im brooks & the light of saba

As the opening bars of Lambs Bread Collie ring out through your speakers, keen ears might recognise a Kenny Dixon Jr. sample before the heavy downbeat upstroke guitar groove begins its wily seduction. Spend too long trying to work out which KDJ song formed itself from those opening notes and you'll miss out on the joyous complexity of the groove which is over in under four minutes but sets the tone for what is one of the most exciting and experimental 'reggae' albums you'll ever hear. Jamaican born Brooks played music from a young age and after moving to Philadelphia in 1968 and meeting Sonny Rollins and Sun Ra, returned to Jamaica with an itch to scratch. In a short time he had met some musicians from the Ethiopian orthodox church and, taking his cue from Ra, set up a collective in his back yard. The Divine Light (later to become Light Of Saba) ran music classes and lived as a collective putting on concerts once a month which attracted people from all over.

Further exploration of Ethiopian, African and Cuban influences had a distinct influence on their music throughout the 1970's and this amazing collection chronicles the groups rare single and album releases with Brooks at the helm. A huge variety of influences and styles can be heard on this record from reggae, the pre ska style mento, afrobeat and even disco, all underpinned by an immense rhythm section and Brook's ceaseless vision to make music that was vastly different from what the rest of Jamaica was doing at the time. Cedric went on to leave the Light Of Saba which then came under the musical direction of Phillip Whyte. At last check he was a member of the Skatalites touring outfit.