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Things made

All states are represented in this collection of images, in development phase are the matchstick makeovers, they are hybrid matchstick human figures/ half stick figure half match but more like a bust on a stick. I call them BLANKS (future or past people) and they are cast in Resin. Currently showing in the window of Craft Victoria is the GREEN Christmas display which includes the hand sqeezing rainbow and miniature chopped down trees. Things made recently in the studio include the words "no fooling" which is my new sloogan. All my Making got me thinking about the machines that I make things with so I have started my bandsaw "Machine make over" it is still in progress but I'm thinking lots of decalls new nobs ect.......

Finally some ispirational things, a couple of objects I picked up recently a piece of German iceburg porcelin and year 10 ceramic piece from an unknown artist with the initials K.F.

No Fooling

Tim Fleming