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perks and ransom :: turkish train

Pizza and Mezze is another cult classic from the minds of Perks and Ransom. Pizza begins with a reassuring 4/4 beat but as this beat develops, you know you're in for something different. This time the disco rarities and sonic wonderment sit alongside a little turkish delight for some extra flavour. Bosphorus Psych, space rock, bollywood funk, restless organs and pulsating african rhythms. A long time r&d favourite, we're SO happy to be able to make this available to you.

Space Train represents the second part of Perks & Ransom's sought after disco mix trilogy which begins with Bone Us Beats and ends with Bonus Beast, both already featured here on r&d for some time. Those lucky enough to own copies of these mixes (or have downloaded them from this site) will know what to expect from this missing selection. Punky electro, breakbeats, disco rarities, buffalo gals and cosmic rock mixed deftly with confounding effects, delicious spatial interludes, spoken word and hip hop acapellas. For the unitiated, begin at the beginning. IF you have been waiting some time for this, enjoy, it's been worth it!.

thief :: who stole the soul?

Thief has been making waves in Melbourne town and around the globe with his mad production and furious mixing skills. Regularly rocking venues up and down Oz and supporting many international artists - it came as little surprise when he dropped his EP of deep, funk-influenced hip-hop earlier this year - which we recommend you check out on his myspace (link below). We are very happy to be able to present this conversation between Thief and his rather large record collection. Enjoy!

tim richmond :: one for j

Tim Richmond is a local musician who is working on getting his debut ep out in the world in the near future. Tim is also a chef, record collector, talented ping pong player and french speaker. One day in the Glasgow st warehouse, Tim went nuts in the studio with a pile of his favourite LP's and this amazing mix was the result. From the Godfather of Soul to Nina, steel drums to Tim Buckley, Brigitte Bardot to Bob Marley, here's 68 minutes of Tim's inspiration laid down on a mighty mixtape. Also check out “Hot Coals”, an mp3 from Tim's forthcoming ep recorded by Declan and mixed by James Cecil.

faux pas :: cup of wonder

Tim Shiel aka Faux Pas is a DIY demon. He has independently released an EP and an album since October 2005 and has been busy remixing for the likes of Gotye and Aleks and the Ramps. If that wasn't enough, he's also been re-editing various musical curios with the Faux Pas touch and making them available for all to enjoy on his blog. His music is enchanting, confounding and wonderful, full of cleverly crafted samples, well rounded synthesizer tones and rollicking drums and he lives right here in Melbourne. Most recently he began presenting a show with friend Dave on 3RRR. The show is called To And Fro and they run a very detailed homepage for the show here.

Tim's been kind enough to make us an exclusive listening mix for Issue 6 as well as let us make available his 'weird parties' mix of sonic oddities. He assures r&d that this 30 minute novelty selection is the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to check out both selections, finely crafted from a caring musical mind. The listening mix tracklist is below and be sure to look at Tim's blog for daily track by track postings about the mix starting on September the 16th.

Faux Pas links:

Faux Pas Website
Faux Pas Blog
Faux Pas Myspace

Faux Pas Listening Mix Tracklist:

J Dilla - E=MC2 (feat. Common)
Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Rollerdisco
Emperors of Blefuscu - Savage Customs
The Books - Ghost Train Digest
Skeletons & the Kings of All Cities - Hay W'Happens
Agitation Free - Ala Tul (Faux Pas edit)
Charles Magnante - El Cumbanchero
Homelife - Seedpod
Made in Sweden - Little Cloud
The Sylvers - I'll Never Be Ashamed
The Kinks - People Take Pictures of Each Other
Roger Roger - Sounds Industrial 2
Pyrolator - Die Haut der Frau
Nino Ferrer - Looking For You (Faux Pas edit)
Cleptoclectics - Interstellar Taste Lapse
Curtis Mayfield - Trippin Out (Cassetteboy edit)
Augustus Pablo - Stop Them Jah
Wings - Letting Go

elsea :: home-grown beatz

This mix is brought to us by the man people around our neck of the woods call EL-SEA. Born on a South Pacific tropical island, El-Seas musical influences are wide and varied a heritage one hears distinctly in his DJ sets. He also specialises in sound design in the performing arts scene, working on theatre, dance and circus shows. El-Sea somehow found the time to drop a seriously deep mix for r-n-d. With beautiful records, creative sampling and in-the-pocket rhythms this mix will charm the skirt off anyone. Much like the man himself.

gareth :: balearic bounce

Sadly this is not Gareth from The Office, I know you were all getting excited there for a second. But Gareth's probably a shit Dj Anyway and this Gareth, another of the legion of talented record collectors and DJ's hailing from Perth, is particularly silky. Damn it, when will they stop with the deepness?! Gareth dropped in to No Standing for a visit a few months back and we got talking about mixes. A few lagers down the tracks he told us about this little gem of balearic, spaced out, brassy disco goodness which had previously been hosted on top quality music blog Ooft Music. Now it's here in its second online incarnation, tracklist and all, for your dancing pleasure. Get down...

Belladonna (Tangoterje Edit) Andreas Vollenweider
Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Revenge Rework) Willie Hutch
Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Remix) Alice Smith
Getting Over Kool Kyle
We Got The Funk Positive Force
Running Away Roy Ayers
Freak On Lemon
Theme From Black Belt Jones Dennis Coffey
The Sound Table Cameo
Rock The Beat Jamaica Girls
Hold Tight (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) - Change

neil stafford :: bluebar blues

Neil was fired shortly after this mix was recorded. Having faithfully served the Bluebar for over 5 years, he was finally replaced by "Shuffle Mix" on the manager's iPod. Staff and patrons are said to be "extremely happy" with the change - one customer adding that "it really brings some fresh-air to the thursdays, that other guy was really boring and, like, unadventurous. But now with the iPod I know every song!". Management are also very pleased with their new direction pointing out massive savings in Jameison and beer - "we're probably going to phase this into every night of the week over the next few months". Neil is pictured explaining his tale of woe. Just goes to show, it can happen to anyone. Enjoy the music.

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perks and ransom :: boogie mafia

As two of Melbourne's longest standing DJ's, these two need little introduction for Aussies with an ear to the ground. Phil Ransom has been instrumental in nurturing Australia's electronic music and hip hop scenes through his production for groups like Crackpot and Mnemonic Ascent as well as his genre busting DJ sets going back to the late 80's. Misha Hollenbach aka Perks has made a name for himself not only as a DJ and producer but as an artist exhibiting in Australia and overseas to critical acclaim (the work on the left is his). He also designs clothes well under the Perks and Mini alias.

Their collective pursuit for the perfect boogie beat knows no bounds and these two mixes are an aural testament to that truth. Below you'll find the bread for a three part disco sandwich. "Bone Us Beats" and "Bonus Beast" are the first and third parts respectively of a mix trilogy. The missing middle part of this sandwich is "Space Train" and you'll have to track that one down yourself 'cos there ain't none left! Enjoy.

research & development: after the dance

This one was done the morning after the biggest party we ever threw, Gang of Four at F4 with Paris and Matt Carswell. In some questionable mental state we decided to try and make a mixtape but discovered we couldn't actually mix. So we settled on a simple "music, not mixing" aesthetic that did the job. "A mellow mix of old and new, just enough spice to get you through!"