catherine campbell

catherine campbell

My folk lover...

Since graduating from the College of Fine Arts (UNSW) in 2001, Catherine Campbell has kept herself busy by telling the story of her folk lover through numerous exhibitions in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Originally working on larger than life installations, Catherine has now miniaturised her craft, riding the wave of demand for strong illustrative aesthetic in the arts, and hit the nail on the head with her sometimes quaint, sometimes quirky imagery.

Her pen and ink watercolour washes demonstrate a fine use of hand for the subject Ė narratives that revolve around simple, often whimsical, tales of everyday life where characters drift at sea in teacups, house birds in their hair and get lost in the woods.

Her recent exhibition at Kick Gallery, Northcote, was nothing short of vintage story telling and reminded us of the first time we saw Charles Blackman"s ’Alice in Wonderland&lsquo series. These works took us on a similar journey of reassuring familiarity in unsettling times.

Not only that, but Catherine openly confesses to being a dag and playing with dolls. Well, we donít mind at all. Instead, we selected a few of our favourite pieces from the recent show so you could take the same trip we did.

If you want to see more, check out, where for just a few pesos, you can even buy yourself a wee piece.


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