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Against the Arctic

Declan's weekly radio show on 3RRR 102.7FM now online in the wireless section.

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Welcome to issue 5 : the doll check. And what an issue we have for you! The largest we have done so far, with three exhibitions: catherine campbell, isobel knowles and hammer&tong; new mixes from spankie hazard, the delicate genius, matt carswell and paprika in the featured mixes page; a feature on the one and one bamboos including a live recording!!!; a bumper scene watch with dj p-modern; top fives and a full podcast page on the featured tunes page; and updated gigs for us and ours on the gigs page. So check out the funk and watch out for the next issue in August. Oh, and special thanks to Carl Breitkreuz for the design of our fantastic splash page this issue - take a gander at the exhibition Carl did for us here.


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We finally updated the freakin' podcast. This will be a regular occurance now, we promise!

This month we decided to start doing the podcast a little beter than before. It is now located at the featured tunes page.

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Shark Fin Acoustic
Kurt Vonnegut RIP
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Little Mathletics
Serato Scratch Live
SBS World News Hour
Rosebud Foreshore
Cyclic Defrost Magazine
Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek
Lucy Dyson's amazing film clips
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