rbma wrap up

rbma wrap up - melbourne 2006

The Red Bull Music Academy has come and gone, leaving Melbourne a legacy of experiences within the music community. With so many fresh faces - plus a few of the old ones - in town, there was a vibrancy in the air as artists from all walks of life and corners of the globe decended upon our fair city.

And boy did Melbourne represent! We were all involved and proud of what we have on offer here. From the writers, artists, graphic designers, djs, producers, tech staff, photographers, promoters, kitchen staff, studio staff, documentary makers, crafts persons, journos, radio staff and curators - Melbourne showed her lovely faces and skills and drew admiration from like-minded folk around the world. Congrats!

To all the people involved nationally and internationally - many thanks and we all look forward to catching you again in the future!

We have for you a couple of tasty mixes given to me by some of the participants to this years Academy. I was given LOTS. These are a couple of faves from Term 1 but there will shortly be some from Term 2 and plenty more in the future as we slowly progress through the masses of CDs. Enjoy!

Check out the academy site for more info and content.

cinnaman :: kindred spirits radio mix

Hailing from the nefarious low-slung dutch label Rushhour Records in the heart of Amsterdam - Cinnaman popped over to Melbourne recently for the first term of the Red Bull Music Academy. As well as being a lovely young lad he also knows how to put together a sweet mix of wonky rhythms, nu-soul jams, future hip-hop and broken beats. This beautiful mix was compiled for Kindred Spirits Radio and it has been bouncing around Richard's ipod for some months now. Check it. And check Cinnaman's myspace for playlist and more. Cinnaman has just released a compilation with Steve Spacek's DJ Jay Scarlett on Rushhour called "Beat Dimensions". For a look at the 12" click here. To listen to the DJ Cinnaman Beat Dimensions mix and check the playlist go to their blog.

dj bozak :: mixes

All da way from Champaigne, Illinois we have the one, the only DJ Bozak. This guy crosses genres with ease and panache. A dedicated dancefloor destroyer, Bozak aka Adam Boskey holds down and Friday AND Saturday night residency at the same venue where he plys the floor with a mixture of disco, hip-hop, chicago, detroit, funk, soul and beats. We have three mixes on offer for you, the first is "Sketches In Sound" which is an amazing multitracked and planned mix. It's vibe is warm and cold / chilled and chaotic and it's another wonderful sound selection that has been bouncing around my ipod for some months. The second is Bozak's Academy application CD which is an exploration through the deepest funk, disco and house. The final mix was recorded live at the Boultini Lounge in Champaigne. The first half is a beautiful loungey vibe that moves into more upfront disco and party flavours in the secord half. Check out for tracklistings and new mixes.

dj sassy j :: uptempo mix

From Bern, Switzerland comes Sassy J, purveyor of fine beats, creator of beautiful fliers and driving force behind the amazing Patchwork parties in her home town. Patchwork has been consistently delivering nights of the finest quality broken electronic dance flavours for some years with a guest list including Domu, Jazzanova, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Afronaught, Ty, Steve Spacek and Dudley Perkins to name but a few. This mix is Sassy's more upswinging flavour with upfront broken cuts from the finest in the business delievered seamlessly much like the set at honkytonks in Melbourne which blew us away and where the picture on left was taken. Check out Sassy J's MySpace and enjoy!