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dr. rock'n'shock (spankie hazard) :: a game of notes

From a crate entitled "Scratched/Coverless 50c" at Warren's Record Paradise came "Leonard Bernstein Discusses Humor In Music". Apart from Ransom borrowing it to use a bit for his track "Bunny Slippers" it remained, "one of those records I am going to use one day" for about 6 years. Well, I finally did and now the Maestro has a whole new world of hip-hop, electro and (a little) disco to explore. This mix falls into two, perhaps contradictory, categories: "Intellectual Pursuit" and "Party".

ben mono :: october 2006

Ben Mono is a recording artist for the fantastic German label, Compost - home of Jazzanova, Beanfield, Ursula Rucker, et al. He has just dropped a new album, "Hit the Bit" which he debuted live onstage with vocalist Capitol A to a packed house at Sonar last year. You can check out more here. As far as Dj'ing goes, Ben Monos’ style is driven by his love for contemporary music. A Ben Mono set stand out by its variety and deepness. In this mix Ben plays a wide range of styles, all with the essence of Bit-Hop, a symbiosis of stripped down e-hip-hop and electro. Thanks to Tony.

simonaggio :: gearbox

Our old friend Simon Riegler aka Splitscreen has gone underground and emerged with a bunch of italo disco goodness. You might remember the incredible Splitscreen mix from 2006. it's an r&d favourite and you can find it in our mix from the archives below. Now prepare for simonaggio in all his glory.

simon bajada :: mixed-up selection

An eclectic mix from local Melbournite Simon Bajada. "i made this mix with a selection of new and some older tracks. I wanted to cram in a lot of stuff with different arrangements. i didnt really make it for dancing, just tracks I like the sound of. i dig all these songs...hope you do too." You can hear Simon and guests at his night, Dicey, the first Saturday of every month at Murmur or tune in to his radio show at Melbourne's online radio station

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dj splitscreen (simon riegler): splitscreen mix

When Declan was holed up in Vienna in 2004 with not a cent to his name he befriended the upstanding gentleman behind this incredible collection. They talked records for hours, rode their bikes around and bonded over that puerile but ultimately hilarious Method Man and Redman film How High. With this mix, Simon just nailed it. A sublime collection of soul, hip hop, funk and disco programmed together in such a way that hearing the songs out of context makes you imagine that his mixes are coming next. An R&D favourite, this is a must have.