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Against the Arctic

Declan's weekly radio show on 3RRR 102.7FM now online in the wireless section.

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Welcome to issue 4. Summer has well and truly flown by for us down here in Melbourne town. With people travelling, getting married (congratulations Dave and Stef!!) and trying to enjoy some summer loving little things like maintaining our site have managed to slip by quicker than we can say happy new year. As a result we have a fair amount of new material for you. Including a bunch of mixes on both the featured mixes page and the rbma wrap up page, a special on qua, an exhibition from Melbourne's Al Stark, top 2006 lists in featured tunes, a new scene watch with the year in review, some new gigs and a (finally!) updated podcast. Thus we are assured that you will find plenty to amuse in the browsing of the site. In 2007 we plan to streamline the whole operation and move onto some easier software so that construction doesn't take such an effort. But more on that later. For now, enjoy the funk...


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We finally updated the freakin' podcast. This will be a regular occurance now, we promise!

The following link should subscribe to the podcast in itunes: itunes subscribe.

Otherwise the link to the podcast url is: url subscribe.

If you're having trouble with the links, you can dload the file directly from here.

issue 4 :: we salute you
Balcony Bathing
Sonsa Foods, Collingwood
Derek and Clive
Dumbo feather, pass it on
The Ashes
Richard Pryor
Summer of pong
Bill Hicks
The Brewers
Spanish Lessons
The Mighty Boosh
Redleaf Pool
Helen Lee's Chutney