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carl breitkreuz

We're really excited to have Carl's beautiful work on display here.

Declan & Carl worked together at the sorely missed Raoul Records Store, the kind of place where a burrito was breakfast. Although he'll always be born to serve, since leaving the record store, Carl has begun to concentrate totally on his own work in the Downie/Breitkreuz Group, a humble graphic design and art studio he runs with Iain Downie (At Sea, Machine Translations).

They've made album covers for The Drones, Dan Kelly, Jen Cloher and Machine Translations and designed some of the most instantly recognizable tour posters for Australian and overseas acts. If you saw the entirely hand drawn Jens Lekman Tour poster floating around the streets and eaterias earlier this year, you'll know what I mean.

Carl's been exhibiting since 1989 and you can contact him at

The previously unseen drawings here are straight from Carl's moleskine.


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