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recloose :: no standing demo (are you ready to throw down?)

From the rich musical heritage of Detroit, USA to the South Pacific sounds of Wellington, New Zealand, Recloose has been blowing peoples minds since his "Welcome to the Dining Room" EP first hit the shelves on Carl Craig's Planet E label. Now recording for the Peacefrog stable, Recloose released his second album "Hiatus on the Horizon" last year and his third is due next year. A regular DJ in Melbourne at Revolver with the No Standing crew, his sets cover the gammut of soulful music from hip-hop to techno. This is his most recent demo and is a great example of what this boy achieves when unleashed behind the wheels of steel.

research & development :: research & development sessions 001

Way back in 2001, Declan and Richard concocted a party at Revolver to launch their newly taken name, Research & Development. With Spacey Space live (which was incredible), Boogs, Matt Carswell and Richard and Declan DJ'ing the night was unfortunately not as busy as it could have been. Nonetheless the promotional mixtape with a Research side (by Richard) and a Development side (by Declan) were loved, listened to and swapped around Australia. And you lucky folk are able to dload and listen to them in the comfort of your own digital recepticle! Enjoy...

archived mix

recloose :: the move

Well this is just a straight up classic. When Common Factor first toured out here way back when in the nineties, he was carrying this little nugget of gold on a cassette. He passed along the tape and planted the suggestion of a Planet E tour with himself playing live and Recloose DJ'ing. And for the next few months we played this mix until it nearly vaporised in Richard's car. Like his DJ sets, this mix traverses genre borders with infinite ease. Our narrator sets the scene: Deep under the streets of Detroit a man is on the run from "The Forces of Tired Music" and this transmission is his last hope to get the weapon of resistance into our hands. Needless to say the tour went ahead, Planet E came to Australia and we had some wild parties. Vive Le Resistance!

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