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perks and ransom :: boogie mafia

As two of Melbourne's longest standing DJ's, these two need little introduction for Aussies with an ear to the ground. Phil Ransom has been instrumental in nurturing Australia's electronic music and hip hop scenes through his production for groups like Crackpot and Mnemonic Ascent as well as his genre busting DJ sets going back to the late 80's. Misha Hollenbach aka Perks has made a name for himself not only as a DJ and producer but as an artist exhibiting in Australia and overseas to critical acclaim (the work on the left is his). He also designs clothes well under the Perks and Mini alias.

Their collective pursuit for the perfect boogie beat knows no bounds and these two mixes are an aural testament to that truth. Below you'll find the bread for a three part disco sandwich. "Bone Us Beats" and "Bonus Beast" are the first and third parts respectively of a mix trilogy. The missing middle part of this sandwich is "Space Train" and you'll have to track that one down yourself 'cos there ain't none left! Enjoy.

lakeside dj :: pop will mix itself

Lovingly constructed over 18 months, "PWMI" is John Lee's relentless and eclectic tribute to all the music he loves. From Pavement to Old Dirty Bastard and on to The Avalanches, Prince and DJ Shadow, John cuts and pastes his way through styles creating a unique sonic collage that will keep your little brain tweaking long after you've hit stop.

In 2005, John released "Celestial Son" under the alias Mountains In The Sky. Short and sweet, the album was a swirling confluence of sunny, brazen beats, epic string parts, synthesizer mayhem, ambience and the occasional farm noise. John also plays as part of Sally Seltmann's New Buffalo live ensemble. Look out for the new MITS Ep, "Accipio" out August 2006 on Trifekta followed by a national tour in September.

quantic soul :: never in doubt

We were lucky enough to DJ with Will Holland aka Quantic in Budapest at one of Keyser and Shurikens famed Crate Soul Parties. He's a lovely guy and a consumate musician and here for your enjoyment are a couple of great mixes. First is a straight from the desk recording of the Crate Soul night in Budapest and second up is the incredible 'Addis Sheckler Explosion' mix that Will did with Miles Cleret. A collection of rare and funky Ethiopian sides, this is some of the most joyous and raw music you'll ever hear, compiled and mixed by two very passionate people. Wax Poetics Issue 14 contains a transcript of Miles and Will interviewing Ethiopian music legend Mulatu Astatke.

richard campbell & neil stafford :: no standing mixes

Every Friday night at Revolver Upstairs, Richard and Neil drop their No Standing groove on the backroom audience. Expect freeform funk as they answer their whims and ply the floor with boogie, hip hop, funk, soul, pop, latin and afrobeat.

All the goodly sounds randomly selected and cohesively injected for maximum dance floor abandon and now available for your listening pleasure in two mixed nuggets. Pick your favourite! Trade with friends! It's the No Standing mix series Vol. 1!