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Well it's been a long time coming but we've managed to launch a new format for the website which we'll be updating with vigour on a monthly basis. Along with various guests, we'll be podcasting a new mix each month which will hit your hard drive a few days before the launch of each issue to let you know what's coming up. If you want to subscribe to that podcast, you can do so with the links in the podcast box on the right hand side of this page.

Along with all the usual music content, we'll be featuring an artist exhibition and this month for our debut issue, we're proud to present a selection of illustrations from Brisbane born, Melbourne based Illustrator and Graphic Designer Carl Breitkreuz. We've always loved Carl's graphic work (he's designed quite a few of our Moon Patrol flyers over the years) but we'll never forget the first time we saw one of his illustrations.

Other features for July come in the form of new mixes. There's fresh pod fodder from Richard Campbell, Neil Stafford, John Lee aka Mountains In The Sky, Perks & Ransom and Quantic. Also check out DJ P Modern's tongue in cheek "Scene Watch" page, another of our regular features written by the elusive P-Modern. Plus we've now got a gigs page and also a tunes page with some top 5's and an album of the month. We can't seem to go past Nicole Willis' incredible soul album "Keep Reachin' Up" produced by Didier Selin on Finnish Label Timmion.

Playlists from Declan's radio show Against The Arctic on 3RRR are available on the wireless page as well as links to some online radio highlights from around the world. All dj mixes from previous updates are still available for listen and download in the "mixes" page and a collection of r&d party fliers can be found in the gallery.

We'd love to know what you think, drop us a line at

See you in August


this issue.

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july 06 :: podcast


This first ones a bit of a tester, compiled and mixed by Richard way after deadline, way after a lot of work... Enjoy

The following link should subscribe to the podcast in itunes: july 06.

Otherwise the link to the podcast url is: july 06.

If you're having trouble with the links, you can dload the file directly from here.

july 06 :: we salute you

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